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Durian Pancake Recipes That Are Easy

The durian pancake recipe originally came from the ancient Greeks. Originally snack made from wheat flour, honey, olive oil and condensed milk also presented by the ancients as their morning breakfast menu.

Pancake itself began in England around the 1400s. In each country, the pancakes have flavors and shapes. So also with in Indonesia. In Indonesia alone pancakes have many kind favored by Indonesian society. For example, banana pancakes, chocolate pancakes, pancakes cheese, and some durian pancake.

If you are a fan of food or happen to live or’ve been to Medan, must have felt the delicacy of the cake on this one. Lots of pancakes taste durian cake that has been sold and is famous for its delicacy, like pancakes Amabasador Durian, Durian Pancake Pancake Depok or Fisherman. This time, we will give you the so delicious.

Durian Pancake Recipes Making
Basically, recipes and ways mebuat cake on this one as I make pancakes chocolate, cheese or other flavor. That makes a big difference in this recipe is the use of durian flesh as palatability enhancers and flavors. Below we write material for the ideal composition or blend that is usually used to sell, but if you do not like or want it more pronounced aroma of durian, please plus or minus own. You can try too at home like a try this recipes.

The material
500 grams Wheat Flour (Which usually for moist cake with moderate levels of protein, not for frying)
6 yolk medium
1 small spoon of salt
2 large spoons or tablespoons white sugar
Little butter to taste savory (heated to liquid)
1 liter of UHT milk flavor Plain
2 or 3 durian Monthong medium for best results
1 liter of Whipped Cream

How to make it
First mix 500 grams of wheat flour with salt and 2 tablespoons of the sugar is. Stir in slowly about 1-2 minutes until completely blended perfectly.
Next enter the UHT milk which has been prepared gradually to the flour mixture and stir so sambi in perfect finished result (not too thin or thick.
Then enter the 6 egg yolks and butter were already liquid into the dough. Stir again slowly so that mixed perfectly.
Heat a non-stick frying pan / flat shaped (not concave), put the dough over to make her pancakes skin. The size of the skin according to taste or according helping cake will be made.
Take the finished leather pancakes on a ledge 4 and basting with whippe Cream evenly. Then fill with meat Durian Monthong already selected and neat folding.
Enter briefly to the refrigerator until pancakes are formed.


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