Masakan Udang Asam Manis Yang Spesial

Masakan Udang Asam Manis Yang Spesial – Not only the main meal and a dessert course that looks unique and must dicobain, menu choice of drinks at Miss Bee is also not less intriguing for taste. Ranging from coffee-copies until cold drinks like Iced Matcha Latte, Lychee Lime, Fruity heaven, Shooting Lemon, and much more.

The waiters at Miss Bee is also very friendly and good at describing the food menu at Miss bee. But if more full as at the week end, so you have to be patient if the waiters at Miss Bee looks busy and in a hurry. So yeah, if want to avoid the peak hours in the week end means it must come from early in the morning before, sometime before 11 o’clock deh, or can also book a place in advance before coming to Miss Bee.

If we visit Bandung and play to the Braga area, certainly we immediately thought of the nickname as Paris Van Java Bandung. In the Braga region does have an atmosphere like in Europe with the old buildings still standing since the Dutch colonial era to the present. Jl. Braga is famous as a place nongkrongnya Dutch people in his time. So ga strange that here berjejeran place enliven culinary sepanjangan Jl. Braga is both a culinary already long standing, as new.

When talking about the new culinary place in the area of Braga, there ya cafe which opened about 3 months, but had a cool and comfortable atmosphere. His name Braga Art Cafe. True to its name containing usur art, Braga Art Cafe has designed a building with a strong ethnic nuances. Cafe room dominated by the brown wood combined with white and black color that makes the cafe atmosphere feels more comfortable.


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