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Kue Cake Coklat Nikmat dan Mudah dibikin

Kue Cake Coklat Nikmat dan Mudah dibikin – If all the people out there are busy with playing pokemon go of her, not to me who was busy playing a fantasy world. While eliminating the sense of fatigue with my daily activities, I started to play my favorite gadget and wishing him names that adorn the porch in Facebookku account. A mysterious figure who is always bothering me and took me into his world.

After the introduction in the virtual world, we are increasingly close relationship with him as it is, jolly funny, entertainer dikala I’m sad it made me feel comfortable. After the introductions that we have lived for six months, we finally decided to meet somewhere one of the sights in our area. Maybe it was our first meeting and also encounter the latter, because after that meeting we never meet again, because of our busy lives respectively. Although much every day we always communicate with baek if only by telephone.

In a forest, there lived a lion and a zebra. They have been friends for a long time. However, zebra never assume that the lion is his friend. The zebra has always considered himself the most powerful than the lion. The lion kind was never angry with the zebra. The lion just want to live in harmony and peace with his zebra.

Sumber: http://www.pramesnet.com/new/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/3199-kreasi-membuat-kue-basah-enak-tapi-sederhana-saja.html

One day, the lion and the zebra was walking for water. The weather during the day was extremely hot. Then, accidentally lion saw there was a river not far from where he stopped. Later, he and the zebra walking toward the river. The lion was finally relented, he deliberately let the zebra for bathing in the river, while he only drank water from the river bank. Shortly thereafter, when the lion was cool drink of water, heard the shouts of the zebra who asks for help.


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